Customer Testimonials

Here are a few satisfied customers who have used the TribuTag:


"When I went to the cemetery to visit my Son's gravestone, seeing basically only his name and the date he was born and when he passed away, I was reminded again that his life was way more than just the "Dash" that separated his birth and death.

I remember thinking that someday other people will pass by His grave and just see the same basic information and not know anything more about him, and how sad that made me feel.

These TribuTags, both the Memorial tag and the Keychain tag are amazing.

They are easy to use and always perform as intended. I can now quickly visit his obituary and share with others his memory.

The Memorial tag has held up perfectly out at the cemetery and the Keychain tag is with me all the time.

I'm thankful this product is available."

-Darrell P.


"Like I said, life seemed to end at the obituary and at the grave. But somebody looking at his headstone, to me as a good friend of his and as a brother, really brought more - it brought his headstone alive, so to speak. People could see how good of a friend he was. They could see - they could scan the QR code - the TribuTag, and learn more about his life; see who he was, more than just the dates, [when] he was born and the date he died, they could see [more].

The TribuTag - I believe - filled in the 'dash' in between his life, and that was really cool. It's really honoring to my friend to have that.

[Using the tag,] I got right to the site and I just thought that was an extension of the headstone."

 -Rex R.


"Having this ability to scan a tag at a grave site makes the experience richer to know I can connect with who the person was and to know the person more intimately, rather than just see a few dates on a grave.

These are some of the best new products I've seen for the bereavement industry."

-Lincoln P.


"Approximately 6 months after we lost Tom, we did a bench dedication at a little park that was down the street from his house. We have a TribuTag on the back of a bench, and we've enjoyed going - there's some water - and just some nice little trees, and we've enjoyed going to the bench and looking at the photos and reminiscing and thinking about Tom."

-Leanne W.