For ease of ordering, some users may prefer using a desktop computer or tablet.

At the CEMETERY or ANYWHERE, Remembering those who've passed.

What is a TribuTag™?

The TribuTag is a small, durable, light-weight metal tag, that we program for you to connect to your loved one's online obituary. When you receive your tags from us, there is nothing more you have to do, they're ready for you to scan.

How It Works

Each TribuTag is equipped with a unique QR code that is specific to your loved one's online obituary. Using your smartphone or tablet camera app, hover over the QR code on the tag until the camera brings it into focus and reads it.

Just follow the prompts to be quickly taken to the online obituary.

2 Types of Preprogrammed Tags Available


The Memorial Tag (2" round tag) is meant to be attached to a permanent physical location such as a park bench, gravestone (see above example), an urn, or a mausoleum, etc.
(see example)

The tag comes with a durable adhesive backing making for quick and convenient placement.

Friends and family visiting the site can scan the code and learn about that special person (requires an Internet connection).


The Keychain Tag (measures 1" x 2") is the tag that you can keep with you at all times. Allowing you the ability to scan and remember that special person any time and any place, this tag is ideal for other family and friends to have as well.

What is our Annual Reminder Service?

How to Order your TribuTags in 2 Easy Steps

1. SELECTING the TAG TYPE you'd like to purchase

When you enter our CATALOG, select the tag type and the quantity of each tag you'd like. We offer best pricing for larger quantities.

As you are shopping for tags, consider other family and friends that would benefit from a tag as well.

Add your selections to the SHOPPING CART.


While your in the SHOPPING CART, you will be asked to supply a website URL address for the online obituary that you want. If you know the URL, check YES and copy and paste the website address into the BOX provided.

If you do not know the website address, check NO and follow the series of questions that we ask to help us find the exact ONLINE obituary you want. Some of the questions are REQUIRED and some questions are OPTIONAL. Answering all the questions gives us the best chance of finding the online obituary.

Actual User Testimonials

Read what a few of our own users have to say about the TribuTag:

"We have a TribuTag on the back of a bench, and we've enjoyed going [there] - there's some water - and just some nice little trees, and we've enjoyed going to the bench, . . . and reminiscing and thinking about Tom."

Leanne W.

"The TribuTag - I believe - filled in the 'dash' in between his life, and that was really cool. It's really honoring to my friend to have that.

[Using the tag,] I got right to the site and I just thought that was an extension of the headstone."

Rex R.

"Having this ability to scan a tag at a grave site makes the experience richer to know I can connect with who the person was and to know the person more intimately, rather than just see a few dates on a grave.

These are some of the best new products I've seen for the bereavement industry."

Lincoln P.